October 2010 Monthly Newsletter

Maury River October, 2010 Monthly Newsletter


10/1-3  Fall Retreat @ Camp Shiloh

10/3            “Quaker Witness as Sacrament”

10/9            Meetinghouse Fall Work Day

10/10            “Quaker Witness as Sacrament”, Part 2

10/16            Interim Meeting @ Richmond Friends Meeting

10/17            Mountain Top Removal

10/24            MWB and Potluck

10/24            Simplicity:  To Mend Our Ecological Footprint @ Blacksburg Friends Meeting

10/31            Fellowship

11/6            Workshop on RIGHT RELATIONSHIP

Committee Notes


Dear Friends,

Our last MWB had quite a few items to bring to your attention, many of which are told in greater detail below in committee reports.

First of all, please remember the fall workday on October 9.  If you can’t come on that day, there are a variety of jobs that can be accomplished on your own schedule–simply sign up for what you can do.

Second, Peace & Justice presented the compilation and analysis of their survey on environmental issues.  They will have a workshop on RIGHT RELATIONSHIP: BUILDING A WHOLE EARTH ECONOMY November 6th from 9 to 12 followed by a Second Hour the next day.   Call Jim Warren has ordered books.   They also gave the first reading of benevolences.

The Ad Hoc Meetingroom Committee brought their proposal for wainscoting to finish the work in our meetingroom. Meeting approved having Eric Sheffield do the work and asked the committee to go forward with accomplishing this task.  Since we do not have the all the money to pay for this work, Finance & Stewardship will send out a letter soliciting donations and loans from meeting F/friends.  After the level of support for this work is seen, F&S will bring a report back to the meeting on securing the funds necessary.  It is lovely to see how the meetingroom is reaching completion.  Special thanks go out to Jim Warren and Bill Jones for painting the newly plastered wall.

At their committee meeting, Worship & Ministry seriously considered the comments from August’s WMB concerning W&M’s practice of inviting vocal ministry during the end of meeting for worship.  As we said, we welcome F/friends comments to committee members concerning this practice, and we will bring our recommendation and invitation for discussion later in the fall to a WMB.  Meanwhile, we will continue the practice.  Friends should remember that vocal ministry, as well as silence, is welcomed at any time during meeting for worship–an invitation is not necessary.

Finally, it is lovely to see how the heat is finally breaking and the rain is coming.  It has been a long, dry spell, and we are all ready for cooler, wetter weather.  May your spirit find an accompanying refreshment and you find your way to our community with joy.

Best wishes,

Mary Barnes


If you are reading this newsletter and are not receiving it but would like to, please speak to Phil Hyre at meeting, call him at 463-7156 or email him at haiku49@gmail.com and request to be put on the list, either email or postal mail.  And if you receive the newsletter by postal mail but have acquired the capacity to have it sent to you electronically, please let him know.  It would be good to reduce the current monthly mailing list of around 10 newsletters as much as possible.

Bill Jones has graciously agreed to be the original contact person on our reconstituted “phone tree”.  If there are future announcements to the MRFM email list, especially messages of broad import, please CALL Bill at (540) 377-5513 and he will call the others w/o email.


October 3:  Pendle Hill Pamphlet, “Quaker Witness as Sacrament” led by Nancy McLaughlin

October 10:  Continue “Quaker Witness as Sacrament”

October 17:  Mountain Top Removal led by Sandra Hayslette

October 24:  MWB and Potluck

October 31:  Fellowship


Fall Work Day scheduled for October 9th.  Please sign up on the task list.

Meeting has approved H&G’s recommendations regarding winter meetinghouse temperatures.

Meeting also discussed H&G’s recommendation regarding snow plans.  We ask that people review this document and forward concerns to Dan, Joseph or Daphne. We will revisit the recommendation at next meeting for business.  Both of these documents from H&G follow the body of the newsletter.

We will lead a second hour with Eli Fishpaw on November 21st in a spirit led examination of the energy audit of the meetinghouse.


Please make note of the November 6th workshop at the Meetinghouse, 9-12, with potluck following.  The focus will be Peter Brown’s RIGHT RELATIONSHIP, copies of which are available at Meeting for $12.  Friends of Friends are welcome.  We will discuss the book and then move toward thinking about how to implement the idea of right relationship in our individual and corporate lives.

Jim notes that, “my own purpose is to seek spiritual sustenance through witnessing for earthcare.  I don’t have grand solutions for how we need to live.  I just know that in the work we have to do, we need to sustain our belief in the future.”

Kathy thanks Richard Barnes who has agreed to take over as the point person for the new website which BYM is pulling together.  He has a good vision of a MRFM website and the technical skills which will help make it possible.

Death Penalty update:  Teresa Lewis was executed Sept. 23rd, 2010.  There was a vigil and 12 people attended—-5 from MRFM and 6 students with 1 professor from W & L law school.  We appreciate everyone’s attendance.  It was very encouraging to see many young people there.

We have extra copies of the survey results on the table with the donations box.  Kathy also has extra copies.  We are giving Kit Jones a huge thank you for all her excellent work—both getting the survey ready and analyzing the results.  It was a huge job and much appreciated.  We also thank everyone who completed the survey.

At MWB it was approved to participate in the Lexington holiday parade on Sat. Dec 4th.   There are squares for folding cranes at the Meetinghouse.


As is the custom of Care and Counsel and Maury River Friends, we want to hold in the Light those in the Meeting community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Though we regularly review the list of Meeting attenders, we are only five people, and may miss occurrences that deserve our attention.  As with other committees, we have areas of concern that we are charged to look after, but we invite and encourage other Meeting folks to exercise similar concern and attention.  If you are aware of someone in Meeting particularly needing our care or Light, please call a member of C&C – Morris Trimmer, Keely Massie, Mary Stratton, Tasha Walsh, or Peggy Dyson-Cobb.

TREASURER                                                                                            Friends who want to make a donation to Meeting can put it in the little wooden box on the table with the guest book on it.


Rosa’s college mailing address:

Rosa Friedrichs

c/o Earlham College

Drawer No. 771

801 National Road

Richmond, IN 47374

BYM NEWS October 16 – BYM Interim Meeting at Richmond Friends Meeting

Expand your involvement with the Yearly Meeting and be a part of important decision making.  Join Friends for morning committee meetings and the afternoon’s Interim Business Meeting.  Richmond Friends Meeting is hosting the Fall Interim Meeting.  Friends will begin gathering at 10:00 am at the Meeting House (4500 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23221).  Check the BYM website for more information.

October 24, 7–9pm – Simplicity:  To Mend Our Ecological Footprint

Blacksburg Friends Meeting welcomes you to a presentation by Hollister Knowlton on the environment, simplicity and spirituality.  Hollister is a founding member of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Eco-Justice Working Group, former clerk of Quaker Earthcare Witness of the Americas, and a member of the Policy Committee of Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Contact Information:  Alwyn Moss at (540) 552-3136 or mailto:alwyn24060@yahoo.com


— Meeting for Worship is held at 10:00 a.m. LATE COMERS PLEASE ENTER AS QUIETLY AS POSSIBLE.

— From September through May, First Day School begins in the back rooms at 10:00.  Children come in to sit with their parents in worship at 10:40. During Second Hour, (after worship) there is an adult program while children are tended in the classrooms.

— During the summer, children are supervised during worship in projects or outdoor activities, and there is no 2nd Hour.

— Meeting for Worship with a concern for Business is held the fourth First Day of each month, after worship.  We share a potluck lunch after Meeting for Business.  All are welcome and are encouraged to stay.

Maury River Friends Meeting

Committees and Contacts:

MRF Clerk – Mary Barnes – 540/997-9179

Care & Counsel – Peggy Dyson-Cobb, cl. – 464-3511

Fellowship – Eric Sheffield, cl. – 261-4306

Finance& Stewardship – Sandra Stuart, cl. – 463-5663

House & Grounds – Daphne Raz, cl. – 463-7156

Newsletter – deadline is the Friday after Mtg. for Business

Editor: Phil Hyre – 463-7156

Nominating – Peggy Dyson-Cobb, cl. – 464-3511

Peace & Justice – Jim Warren, co-cl. – 464-5980

Kathy Fox, co-cl. – 463-7001 Recording Clerk – Judy Wiegand – 540/886-5474

Records Clerk – Sarah Giddings – 463-1951

Religious Education – 4th Firstday at Meetinghouse

Elise Sheffield, cl. – 261-4306

Treasurer – John White – 464-3815

Worship & Ministry – Ruth Woodcock, cl. – 464-5692

Young Friends Service Committee – Meets 1st First day

Silvia Sheffield, cl. – 261-4306

Meeting House winter temperatures

September 2010

Due to repeated concerns, House and Grounds has given significant consideration to the issue of meeting house winter temperatures.

We have learned that the nature of heating a heavy masonry room for one morning of the week has different issues than the heating situation in our homes.

While we can bring the air temperature up to ambient temperature by turning the heat on in the early morning, we cannot heat the walls in that period of time.

We have discussed the situation both in meeting for business and individually with some of our frailer attenders, and there is a strong sense that the status quo is satisfactory.  We also recognize that a strong meeting wide concern for the environment discourages unnecessary use of carbon based fuels.

Therefore, House and Grounds expects that we will continue to keep the thermostats set at 72 degrees, and heat the building from 6 am on Sunday mornings.

We recommend that during cold weather attenders sit close together and make use of the blankets scattered around the benches.  We also recommend that people dress appropriately for the weather.

We remain open to concerns from the meeting and leadings from spirit.

Respectfully submitted,

Daphne Raz, clerk


Snow Preparations

September 2010

After last winter’s large snowfalls, House and Grounds feels that it be helpful to Meeting and the committee to be prepared with a snow plan.

We found having the parking area plowed with large equipment time consuming to arrange, while repairing the damage to the gravel driveway and parking area has been an ongoing good weather project.  We question whether this has been the best use of our resources.


House and Grounds recommends that for Saturday/Sunday snowfalls, we continue our process of phone tree to cancel meeting and encouraging people to worship in the safety of their own homes.  For those who choose to venture out anyway, the meeting house remains available.

In the event that bad weather renders the parking lot unusable for a period of time, House and Grounds will work with Worship and Ministry to arrange an alternate site for worship.  We will consider Kendal as a first choice, with other choices including the new Hillel center at Washington and Lee, the new public meeting space in the old courthouse building, and the public library Piovanno room. The agreed upon location for meeting will be sent out by phone tree and email.

Should harsh winters become a regular Rockbridge county occurrence, this snow plan may need to be reconsidered.

As always, we remain open to concerns from the meeting and leadings from spirit.

Respectfully submitted,

Daphne Raz, clerk


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